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About Icons: Combat Arena

Icons: Combat Arena: the much-anticipated platform fighter by Wavedash Games, with a beta expected to be coming to Steam this Fall 2017.

The game was based with these requirements
It had to be broader than something super specific to other platform fighters.
The game is centered on the Characters and their goals.
That said, the devs didn't want to retread using a synonym for fighters or myths, such as Legends, Champions, Heroes, etc. Pretty much 100% of the synonyms for "fighter" and "legend" are taken by other games.
It couldn't directly take from the name of another platform fighter. Icons are something new.
It had to get to the central motivation of the game.

Developing what makes the competitive platform fighter community great, the developers realized the core motivations are self improvement, performance, and the thrill of competition in front of an audience. That audience could be a stadium of fans, thousands on stream, or the other three people on your couch.

With a new age in gaming of streamers and esports, there was an opportunity to build the game around the celebrity side of prize fights. This would set the game apart from the many other games out there that are primarily selling the fantasy of "beat your opponent to a bloody pulp." Nothing wrong with that, of course - it's just not what drives us to keep playing platform fighters for hours and hours.

The name "Icons" hit every note as wanted. It gets to the performance side of fighting. It doesn't force a synonym of "champions" or "league". And, importantly, it was wide open in the video game space. Discovering that the domain icons.gg was available, it was sealed.

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